Bass Pro Shops Offers Families a Chance to Learn Outdoor Activities

This summer, in over sixty Bass Pro Shop around the United States, families will be able to engage in workshops that are both entertaining and educational. According to a blog post for The Patriot News, the workshops will include a variety of hands-on activities for kids on topics ranging from water safety to bird watching. The workshops are each roughly twenty minutes and continue through the thirteenth of July.
Identification is a theme amongst the workshops. Bird watching is offered, where families will not only learn to identify birds by their beaks, but how to build a feeder as well. A course of fishing will teach children how to identify major fish families, as well as provide instructions on what certain fish prefer to eat. In the backyard adventure instructional period, a variety of creatures will be identified—reptiles, amphibians, bugs and honeybees. In addition to this, clouds will be identified, as to help families anticipate chances for unpleasant weather. In the camping course, animal tracks will be identified alongside instructions on lightening safety.


Bass Pro Shop offers summer activities and summer workshops.

Safety is also a concern, with several courses provided to help insure wellbeing throughout various summer activities. A class on kayaking really serves more as a basic course, providing a history of kayaks and how to safely operate the vessel—from uses to paddles. This can be expanded upon via a water safety instructional period, which teaches guidelines on how to play safe and how to fit and wear the perfectly sized life jacket. A general travel safety course is provided as well, where topics discussed include safe use of rest stops, avoiding illness, fun family songs to pass the time and car-friendly snacks.
Finally, hands-on activities are provided as well. Two courses provide interactive activities—archery and shooting and hunting courses. In archery, families will learn proper stance and the correct finger grip required to shoot a bow. For shooting and hunting, families will practice clay targets shooting in addition to learning the basics—wood scents, hunting seasons and safety tips for employing tree stands.


Alternatives to XBOX for Children this Spring

Thanks to video game platforms, far more children know battle strategies applicable to Halo than what it means to embark on an imaginative adventure in the park. To provide some alternative suggestions to staring blindly at the television, US News recently published an article in the hopes of inspiring the entire family to engage in outdoor activities this spring.

First, attending a regional Farmers Market allows a family to explore their community’s culture and art, while investing in the local economy via cheaper produce. There is also a residual benefit, brought on by personally meeting the individual who produced the food you will later consume. Along these same lines, family’s can invest in the creation of their own garden. The discovery of the hard work involved in the creation of a few vegetables can be an eye opening experience to children, who tend to naively believe that grocery store supplies are nothing more than items created directly behind the shady door leading to the storage room. This can be particularly frugally beneficial, as growing produce allows for less money spent at a store or Farmers Market. Furthermore, a garden can have lingering financial advantages, as vegetables produced in the summer can be canned or frozen for future use in the winter.


Exercise is also a benefit of getting children away from their television. A trip to the park can be a means of free exercise for an afternoon. In addition, if the family is a fan of animals, volunteering at a local animal shelter can be beneficial to the community at large while providing personal exercise as well. It also serves as a good example to young, impressionable children that giving back to the community can be a positive endeavor. Finally, there is a recent activity entitled Geocaching—an extravagant web that allows children to engage in a real-life treasure hunt via GPS devices. The family is provided with GPS coordinates to the location of a hidden container. They must work together to find the treasure spot and the corresponding treasure. The app costs $10, but is not required to embark on the adventure, which could provide hours of puzzle-solving and exercise for the entire family.